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Virtus Imaging and PMT Scientific Collaboration and Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City

Children’s Mercy Hospital installed a new PMT Scientific grossing station with the integrated PATHpix XL gross imaging system. They cited overall quality, ease of use, and workflow improvements as the deciding factors. Information for the PMT Scientific grossing station can be found at: 

Inova Upgrades Grossing Station With PMT Scientific and PATHpix XL Retro-fit Setup

Inova in Alexandria, VA upgraded the hood of their existing grossing station with a retro-fit imaging hood from PMT Scientific and Virtus Imaging. Stan Midy with Morrell Instruments said, “It was the perfect solution for our budget conscious customer.” Information on the PMT Scientific Retro-fit kit can be found at: 

ZNLabs Selects the PATHpix XLS

Animal Reference Pathology already used the PATHpix XLS gross imaging station for their histology lab in Salt Lake City, UT. When they joined ZNLabs, a second PATHpix XLS was installed at the new combined histology lab in Louisville, KY.

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